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1st Sat. of the month, 10 am – 12 pm, (Sachem Public Library – map it)

February 2, 2019
Sex, Lies & DNA
We all know by now that DNA testing can produce surprises and unearth secrets. Unexpected parent-child relationships may be posted outright by your testing company, but other relationships are harder to identify. What do your matches look like when the secret is further back in your tree? Join us as we explore family mysteries that may be hiding in your matches and discuss ideas for solving them.
Lecture by Suzanne Danet
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March 2, 2019
The Missing Boyles of Drumcrew
What do you do when a great-grandfather disappears and all his siblings abandon their farm and emigrate for destinations unknown, and the paper trail turns up no firm answers? Genealogist Michael Carragher, Past President of the Irish Family History Forum, will explain how DNA matches and genetic genealogy can provide the clues to solve the riddle. 
Lecture by Michael Carragher

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April 6, 2019
She Has Her Mother’s Laugh
Author, Carl Zimmer is coming, in person, to lecture about his NEW book.
Copies will be available for purchase at the library.
Lecture by Author: Carl Zimmer
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May 4, 2019
Did My Great-Grandmother Have A Family? A Documents and DNA Case Study
Do you have a “floating” female ancestor that cannot be attached to a larger tree? This case study will demonstrate ways to break through that brick wall with problem-solving strategies utilizing records, oral history, photographs, DNA, mapping, and cluster techniques.
Lecture by Rhoda Miller, Ed.D, CG
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June 1, 2019
2nd Anniversary Members Celebration.
Members will share their greatest DNA achievements of the year. We’ll have a DNA fashion show, and we’ll party with our food celebration. Prizes will be given out for the best DNA costume, the best DNA food, and the best gluten-free food.
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July 2019 – Summer Break, No meeting scheduled

August 3, 2019
Daniel Horowitz of MyHeritage is coming in person
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September 7, 2019
Topic to be determined
Lecture by Alec Ferretti

October 5, 2019
Crista Cowan of is coming in person for 2 sessions.  Crista Cowan has been employed at Ancestry since 2004; her involvement in family history, however, reaches all the way back to childhood. She frequently speaks at local and national genealogy events around the country. Watch her live show, The Barefoot Genealogist, weekly on the Ancestry YouTube channel at
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November 2, 2019
Dancing with the Reindeer: Discovering My  Scandinavian Finnish Relatives
Lecture by Jeanne Bayer


Jan 5, 2019: Pay it Forward: Members Helping Friends with the Basics
No speaker. Sachem Public Library

November 3, 2018: Non-Autosomal DNA: X, Y and Mitochondrial
Speaker: Richard Haberstroh. Patchogue-Medford Library

Oct 6, 2018: “DNA for Adoptees, or How, Instead of a Bike, I Got a Sister for My Birthday”
Speaker: Lecture by Chuck Weinstein. Sachem Public Library

Sept 1, 2018: Ask the Experts
Speakers: Patricia Ann Kellner, Michael C. Carragher, Jeanne Bayer, Carol Poulos, Susan Murphy, Chuck Weinstein, Richard Haberstroh. Sachem Public Library

Jun. 2, 2018: DNA Genealogy Group of Long Island 1st Anniversary Celebration
Speakers: DGGLI Members. Bethpage Public Library

May 5, 2018: DNA Painter Skype of Blaine Bettinger from Youtube presentation, and additional presentation by DGGLI members
Speakers: Patricia Ann Kellner, Jeanne Bayer, & Carol Poulos. Patchogue-Medford Library

Apr 7, 2018: Working Smarter with your AncestryDNA Results
Speaker: Suzanne Danet. Bethpage Public Library

Mar. 3, 2018: Sorting Out Your Cousins Using GEDmatch
Speaker: Susan Jaycox Murphy. Patchogue Medford Library

Feb. 3, 2018: Enhancing Collaboration and Roles on DNA Results; Skype Presentation
Speaker: Anna Swayne, AncesryDNA. Bethpage Public Library

Jan 6, 2018: Setting Your DNA Goals
Speaker: Michael Carragher. Patchogue-Medford Library

Dec. 2, 2017: Member Presentations
Speakers: DNA Genealogy Group of Long Island Members. Bethpage Public Library

Nov. 4, 2017: Navigating the Interfaces of 5 DNA Websites for Best Results
Speaker: Janeen Bjork. Patchogue-Medford Library

Oct. 7, 2017: Genome Mate Pro
Speaker: Patricia Ann Kellner. Bethpage Public Library

Sep. 2, 2017: Experienced  Group: Triangulation Versus in Common With
Speaker: Patricia Ann Kellner
Beginners Group: Raw Data: Saving & Transferring
Speaker: Michael Carragher. Patchogue-Medford Library

Aug 5, 2017: Experienced Group: Chromosome Browsers
Speaker: Patricia Ann Kellner
Beginners Group: Comparing DNA Predicted Relationships with your Genealogy Tree. Speaker: Susan Jaycox-Murphy. Bethpage Public Library

Jul. 1, 2017: Experienced Group:  X DNA
Speaker: Patricia Ann Kellner
Beginners Group: Ethnicity Estimates
Speaker: Susan Jaycox-Murphy. Patchogue-Medford Library

Jun. 3, 2017: Experienced Group: Relationship Estimates
Speaker: Patricia Ann Kellner
Beginners Group:  DNA Knowledge and Beyond:  Guidelines to Better Understanding your DNA Test Results
Speaker: Michael C Carragher. Bethpage Public Library


Have you taken a DNA test from AncestryDNA, 23andMe, Family Tree DNA, My Heritage, Living DNA or another company?
Do you have Genetic Genealogy questions?
The DNA Genealogy Group of Long Island is here to help.
Join enthusiastic DGGLI members who use DNA tests to develop Family Trees.

Meetings are open to the public and are held on the first Saturday of every month, except July and December.

You can also interact with us on our DNA Genealogy Group of Long Island Facebook page


Meetings Info

Join us at the Sachem Public Library on the first Saturday the month.
All meetings begin promptly at 10 am and end at 12:15.
Our meetings are open to DNA Genealogy Group of Long Island members and to the public.  All are welcome.
Note: We take a vacation in December and July, there are no meetings during those months.

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